Jay Lake

Jay Lake

We started very early as we had three cars and the parking lot at Wallace Falls State Park fills up very quickly on weekends!

We took a loop hike; going on on Saturday through the Woody trail up to the upper falls, taking the boot path to the old forest road. Followed it until Wallace Lake. From there we merged with Greg Ball trail and went there until Jay Lake.

The hike was pretty good and steep following the falls. The boot path was marked with rhombus tags on trees and the rest of the trail was in pretty good condition. We encountered some patches of snow along the way, but they were easy to cross. I even used one of them to cool my can of beer!

Right after Wallace lake we followed the inlet creek to the lake; making it to Pebble Beach. Last time we were there the creek was raging so it was nice to be able to see it. I encountered a naked dude rushing to cover himself before people approached. Fortunately for him the only man in the party was in the front. I remember yelling "Oops, naked guy" and stopping. The poor dude ran on underwear red as a tomato :). He was having a good time, I bet. The other guys in his party just laughed.

We didn't do much after the hike. We all succumbed to a deep slumber, best nap ever. We basically woke up to have dinner and crawl back into the tents. We played a little bit of card games and went to sleep.

The next day we made it out in good spirits and that was about it. I was hiking in the front this time; with Betsy (Olympic gold medalist) one or two places behind me, she is incredibly fit. I felt the pressure so I hiked really fast. Zoe was most of the time right behind me, so I figured I was being slow. In hindsight she was probably pressured by Betsy and trying to catch up. We were in this self-reinforced fast-hiking spree!