Camp at Lake Wenatchee State Park

Camp at Lake Wenatchee State Park

We arrived at Lake Wenatchee at freezing temperatures on an overcast but mostly dry day. The grounds were covered on a good amount of snow; Enough to post-hole where people hadn't packed it yet.

It was very exciting to try our 4-season tent for the first time. The Hilleberg Kaitum 2 GT. It is also the first time we use a non-free standing tent; So that was a new experience too.

Fully extended tent on hard packed snow

After a few frustrating attempts where the guylines went below the tent and everything seemd a tangled mess, we managed to see that it was actually a simple process. I love the fact that the system is planned so that the footprint, tent and rainfly are pitched all at the same time.

The guylines hadn't been tightened yet
A very happy wife after contemplating what would be slumber palace

We proceeded to have a tasty lunch of pasta with ham and a four cheese sauce, and put on a fire. We didn't have any sort of kindling, so I used 4 Vaseline-soaked cotton balls from the emergency kit. They executed flawlessly.

After we ran out of wood, we snugged on the tent, played a few card games and decided to cook and eat a tasty ramen soup within the vestibule.

Yay for gigantic vestibules

It was pleasant to just walk around, disconnect and talk about serious stuff, silly stuff and everything in between. It was a lovely weekend.

Steven's Pass
We even had beautiful views on the way back